Why your brand should be looking to enter the French market? As one of France’s leading franchise consultancies and a recognised Expert of the French Franchise Federation, Progressium is well placed to assist you in achieving successful entry to the French market.

The French economy and franchising

France is one of Europe’s leading economies and the 11th largest economy world-wide ranked by GDP. With over 65 million consumers and a GDP per capita equivalent to the US average, France is also Europe’s largest and most dynamic franchise market.
France counts close to 2,000 recognised franchise networks, including many brands from Europe, the USA and elsewhere. The franchise sector represents over 70,000 outlets and over 60,000 employees. Between 4,000 and 5,000 new franchisees are recruited each year.
Franchising is present in France in virtually every sector – retail, property, B2C and B2B services.

Developing franchise networks in France

The French market is covered by a number of local and international franchise portals and magazines and presents multiple opportunities to present brands at both regional and national exhibitions that attract significant numbers of visitors.
In particular, Franchise Expo Paris, organised each year in March by the French Franchise Federation, is Europe’s number one franchise show. Franchise Expo attracts around 450 exhibitors each year, of which typically 25% are non-French brands. 45,000 potential investors visit Franchise Expo over the four days of the show.

The legal environment in France

In Europe, France has been a pioneer in the introduction of disclosure requirements, similar to, but in many ways simpler than the US FDD requirements.
Far from being an obstacle to franchising in France, the existence of clear disclosure requirements has greatly increased consumer confidence in the franchise system, bringing benefits to both franchisors and franchisees.
The “Loi Doubin” of 1989, established a template that has been largely followed by other European countries – Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Roumania. This makes it possible to construct a “European Disclosure Document”, thereby saving considerable legal costs.

Financing franchise projects in France

Financing for franchise projects – and even for master franchise acquisition – is available in France under normal banking conditions. Many of the major banks have developed specific franchise departments and there are a number of professional credit brokers that offer their services to entrepreneurs seeking financing.

How can we help?

As one of France’s leading franchise consultancies and a recognised Expert of the French Franchise Federation, Progressium is ideally placed to advise and assist you in achieving successful entry to the French market.
Our services stretch from market analysis to financial modelling and from there, to marketing, PR and franchise or generally, master franchise recruitment.
Additionally, we work closely with many of France’s leading franchise lawyers and can assist you in defining and creating the required contractual and disclosure documentation.

Beyond France

If you are a non-European brand, interested in bringing your franchise concept to some or all of Europe’s 500 million+ consumers, we can offer you access to every European market, as well as to the markets in Canada and the GCC countries.
This capability results from Progressium’s role as the French representative of Franchise Pool International (FPI), Europe’s leading consortium of specialised franchise consultancies and brokers. The FPI team of 16 locally based firms, bring unequalled knowledge of their respective home markets and vast experience in successful franchise recruitment.
FPI members are particularly experienced in master franchise recruitment, which is the preferred entry method for most of our client brands.


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